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Do You...
miss the way;
 I look into you eyes
 the way my fingers explore your skin
 the ear that listened
 how in me you had no fear
 the tender moments
 the kiss, soft and gentle
 teasing your lips
 holding hands in public
 doors that open
 a gentlemen indeed
 dances in the rain
 peanut butter nutella
 meals prepared by me
 how i brushed your hair
 going down above your knees
 laughter that broke silence
 cuddling the recharge we need
 pictures of our adventures
 photos erotic shared
 walking around the home
 nothing but underware
 traveling together, many places
 making love by moonlight
 wishing on that star one night
 looking into the mirror
 as the story unfolds
 dreams and promises and wishes
 forever these we hold
... and then you awake...
could this be...
the one man of whom I dream?
... then I awake...
holding my pillow...
Then I realized I was the one who was dreaming